Dimmable Modern Minimalist LED Round Shaped Acrylic Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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If you are tired of not having the right light on your bedroom, living room, or in your office. Then, it is time for a change. Sometimes changing just the light bulb won’t do. Which is why we recommend you to get a ceiling light without wiring

Why I need a?ceiling light without wiring

This ceiling lamp is not like any other lamps on the market, Thanks to its round, spherical design, thin lampshade, and multiple LED lights. This lamp will brighten much better than any other lamp in your house. As it has the perfect round shape, the light will travel widely thought the whole room equally. Which will give to your house a beautiful and cozy feeling?

Protect your eyes from any harm. These ceiling lights are not like anything you have seen before, thanks to its constant current system, it will always be on, with constant brightness. So you can say goodbye to those headaches caused by light flicking and blinking.?

The Ceiling light without wiring comes with a multiple LED ring design, which gives this lamp a wider range of luminescence. The light can get up to 10 to 15 square meters around the light. Perfect for open spaces and big living rooms!?


If that is still not enough for you to decide and but this lamp, we have to say that it is extremely easy to install. As it is wireless you don’t have to get in contact with any professional or electrician. Because you just need is a ladder, a screwdriver and in a couple of minutes, you will have your ceiling light perfectly secured and install!?

Product Specifications:

  • Is Bulbs Included:?Yes
  • Number of light sources:?> 20
  • Lighting Area:?10-15square meters
  • Certification:?CCC, CE, ROHS
  • Voltage:?220V
  • Power Source:?AC
  • Body Material:?PC
  • Body Material:?PVC
  • Switch Type:?Knob switch
  • Material:?PVC/Plastic
  • Power:?12/15/20/3/50W
  • Color:?White

Package contains:

1x?Dimmable Modern Minimalist LED Round Shaped Acrylic Flush Mount Ceiling Light